MM Consulting Services is an organization focused in IT Consulting and Technical Services and Business Process Improvement. We assist IT and Business organizations to better manage their function, services and projects.
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Project & Program Management
MM Consulting Services not only brings the experience and knowledge of the Project Management Institute methodologies and best practices, but also comes with strong IT, business and 3rd party management skills. This permits our consultants to add value making sure that the project or effort in stake meets customer expectations.  
Business Process Management (BPM)
A BPM exercise involve steps such as: defining and documenting the current state, identifying process improvements documenting the future state and finally presenting the plan in order to reach that desired state.  This requires and includes the development and/or revision of the department’s Policies and Procedures together with personnel training. This service work can apply to almost any industry type and company process. Here our focus is to make sure that the customer processes and functions are running lean and efficient. 
IT Technical Services
We can assist IT organizations with administration resources such as System and Database Administrators and Service Desk support personnel. MM Consulting Services has also developed System Solutions for specific customers and needs.
IT Service Management
The assessment together with the ITSM implementation will produce effective processes and system solutions that will permit IT to run a truly service based organization.  
We’re a consulting firm who help companies manage their business to change the world.

MM Consulting Services is a firm very oriented and dedicated towards its customers. Obtaining full integration with our clients and establishing a long-term relationship is our number ONE priority.

At the same time, we highly respect and value our most important asset: our professional, certified and experienced resources!! The combination of these two business aspects is what has made MM Consulting Services successful: Adding value while making the difference.

MM Consulting Services was founded in October 2007.

MM Consulting Services offers services to different industries and market segments including but not limited to: Healthcare, Telecommunications, Financial Banking, Government and Manufacturing.

Our company focuses in IT consulting services, primarily working with Project Management, IT Service Management including Business Continuity and IT Disaster Recovery Planning and IT Technical Services.  We also perform work in Business Process Management (business processes improvement) that can be implemented in almost any function of your company.  This includes the development and implementation of their different Policies and Procedures.

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